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Drug Metabolism and Communication

Eungjae (NJ) Kim is a senior who majoring in Biology. He was awarded a Summer 2018 Independent Grant which he used to conduct research on human metabolic pathways under Dr. Brent Morgan

Dear future researcher:

My research investigates the pharmacokinetic mechanism of a drug metabolite in human metabolic pathways. I am examining the cross-reactivity between lidocaine and cocaine metabolites filtered through the excretory system. My interest in the research experience stemmed from the classes and labs I took at the college. In laboratory courses, I was given directions to follow. After sufficient practice and experience, I had more ambition to create my own study and protocol to see if I could execute the action items in a larger group setting.

A Summer to Remember

Jesse Steinman is a Sophomore with an undeclared major in the college. He was awarded a Summer 2018 Independent Grant which he used to conduct research on the history and memory of the Holocaust underthe Director of Centropa, Edward Serotta.

One of the things I have had to get used to in Europe is that AC and ice aren’t standard during the summer. This makes for steaming hot work days, where I am cramped in a stuffy archive for the day. Regardless, my research keeps calling me back for more, and I am always eager to return to work. 

Stoics in Granada: My Presentation at the International Conference on Hispanic Literature

Camila Reed-Guevara is a rising senior double majoring in Classics and PhilosophyShe was awarded a Summer 2018 Conference Grant which she used to attend the Congresso Internacional de Literatura y Estudios Hispánicos.

“Philosophy neither rejects nor chooses anyone: it shines for all.” Seneca the Younger 

I presented my paper titled, “Three Stoic Exemplars: Julia Álvarez’s Mirabal Sisters and Their Place in the Ethical World” at the twenty-second Congresso Internacional de Literatura y Estudios Hispánicosin Granada, Spain this June. This conference is directed by Enrique Herrera, a professor at Lock Haven University, it is bi-annually held in locations in the Hispanic world (Spain, Central, Latin America, and the Caribbean.) I presented on a panel on the subject of female literary figures in Hispanic literature. Two professors from Spanish universities were on the panel with me and I presented second. 

The Squirmiest Worms

Elizabeth Ejzak is a senior majoring in Chemistry. She was awarded a Summer 2018 Independent Grant which he used to conduct research on the effects of plant extracts on health span under Dr. Daniel Kalman and Dr. Cassandra Quave. 

Have you ever wondered why we cannot remain springy, spry, and free of illness forever?  If so, you are in luck.  In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the number of studies into aging mechanisms, and delaying their onsets.  While there are theoretically infinitely many approaches, we fortunately have some insight on the keys to longevity.   Cultures in regions such as the Mediterranean who consume higher quantities of plant-based foods, healthy fats and whole grains and lower quantities of animal-based foods tend to live the longest, while also delaying the onset of senescence, or age-related deterioration.  

The (Real) Scientific Method

Amber Feng is a senior majoring in Biology. She was awarded a Summer 2018 Independent Grant which he used to conduct research on gene expression in cancer cells under Dr. Hyunsuk Shim.

When I first joined Dr. Shim's lab, I had no research experience other than one and a half semesters of introductory biology lab. Although I felt comfortable with pipetting and counting C. elegans under a microscope, I had little understanding of the larger implications of research and what it truly meant to be a scientist. I have always learned about the “scientific method” which, to me, meant reading literature, performing experiments, and writing papers. I thought the process would be relatively linear, rather than branched and filled with unexpected turns.